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Arriving in New York City from Iowa, I had the opportunity to encounter paintings that had previously existed only as images in books or magazines. The experience was revelatory. The black enamel strokes of Franz Kline and the syrupy pinks of DeKooning didn't just unfold visually; they opened my eyes to the tangible quality of painting. This realization struck me profoundly—painting is not merely about seeing; it exudes a palpable presence.



By exploring diverse mediums and colors, I strive to coax the paint into forming a sensory statement that transcends mere visual perception. I seek to physically feel the cool embrace of blue, reminiscent of the chilly side of a pillow, or the profound darkness of black, akin to the sharpening of steel with steel. Moreover, I aspire to evoke a sense of smell, envisioning the scent of Aspens unfurling in the Spring, the aroma of night-blooming citrus, and the freshness of cut grass on a summer day. My goal is for my paintings to exude a distinctive flavor, lingering on the tongue—a succulent moment meant to be savored.

Art should extend beyond passive observation; it is a vehicle for heightened awareness. The strokes on the canvas serve as a call to consciousness, urging us to engage with every sense—an immersive experience into the intricacies of existence. They are a reminder that, at its core, art is a sensory feast that makes us acutely aware.

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